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30/11/2013 21:44
I agree. For the past 18 months i have been the vinitisg teaching coordinator in our ward. What a difference it has made when we have changed those companionships that didnt go vinitisg simply because one; their companions didnt live close by and the other, they had to travel around all around the country side to visit. Also another thing that has helped our ward is assigning sisters with compatable homes for example if a companionship can only visit in the day we try to assign them those sisters that will be home during the day. Likewise if sisters work and can be only visited at night, we assign them to those that CAN visit them!!! Sounds easy right? Not always the way but it does work for the majority
29/11/2013 23:23
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07/07/2013 04:49
Our current ward is alsomt exactly 50%, with the remainder split about evenly between couples who's kids are no longer at home and young marrieds. Most of the primary classes have about 3 4 kids each but there are only 6 active youth, 4 YM and 2 YW. There are more women currently pregnant in our ward than men who attend Elder's Quorum on an average week.The ward that I attended when I was in college was about half established families and half students. While I was there, the EQ President, the RS President, the YW President, Ward Mission Leader and a counselor in the Bishopric were all single. It was an awesome set-up. There was a critical mass of YSA to have a regular program, the ward benefited from the energy of the students, the students had opportunities to have real impact in their callings and HT/VT assignments.I served in a unit with a similar make-up while I was on my mission. A few stable families and a whole lot of YSAs who had real responsibilities. The years after my mission, most of those YSA's went on missions themselves, returned home and married each other. That unit area will be the first stake in that particular part of the world, whereas the other branch that I served in is just barely split into two branches.

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